Title Created Date
A Support Program for Somali-born Parents on Children’s Behavioral Problems 13 July 2021
Antenatal care for Somali-born women in Sweden: Perspectives from mothers, fathers and midwives 26 July 2021
Atopic dermatitis and breast feeding of Somali children living in Somalia and in Italy 1991 29 August 2021
Barriers to Surgical Care Among Children in Somaliland: An Application of the Three Delays Framework 27 July 2021
Co-morbidity of malnutrition with falciparum malaria parasitaemia among children under the aged 6–59 months in Somalia: a geostatistical analysis 05 August 2021
Competence of maternal and child health clinic workers in detecting malnutrition in Somalia 15 July 2021
Core Clinical Cases In Paediatrics 11 September 2021
Determinants of Complete Immunization Coverage among Children Aged 11-24 Months in Somalia 27 July 2021
Effectiveness of clinical training on improving essential newborn care practices in Bossaso, Somalia: a pre and postintervention study 05 August 2021
Environmental predictors of stunting among children under-five in Somalia: cross-sectional studies from 2007 to 2010 05 August 2021
Factors contributing to the uptake of childhood vaccination in Galkayo District, Puntland, Somalia 27 July 2021
Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery 11 September 2021
Geospatial analysis of pediatric surgical need and geographical access to care in Somaliland: a cross-sectional study 27 July 2021
Health and disease among Somali primary school children in Hargeisa 27 July 2021
Indirect costs associated with deaths of children aged 0–14 years from measles in a weak health system and conflict and fragile zone: the case of Somalia 27 July 2021
Infant and young child nutritional status and their caregivers’ feeding knowledge and hygiene practices in internally displaced person camps, Somalia 05 August 2021
Lecture: Systemic Approach of Clinical Scenarios in Pediatric Emergency Cases 15 December 2021
Modelling the Ecological Comorbidity of Acute Respiratory Infection, Diarrhoea and Stunting among Children Under the Age of 5Years in Somalia 26 July 2021
Neonatal morbidity and mortality in Hargeisa, Somaliland: an observational, hospital based study 07 July 2021
Prevalence of refractive error and visual impairment among school-age children of Hargesia, Somaliland, Somalia 07 July 2021

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The platform Somali Medical Archives has been developed as a tool to promote cooperation between Somali health professional in their mother country and abroad, engaging the diaspora for the improvement of Somali Health Services.

SOMAR Somali Medical Archives is an idea by Edna Moallin Abdirahman

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