Somali Community Health Strategy 2015

There is a high burden of mortality and morbidity in the country that can be prevented and treated at community level through a community cadre of health workers, supported through the health and local governance structures. However, the situation on the ground is fragmented as there are over 17 differently named community health cadres, with a huge variation in selection criteria, skills and services provided. This is an inefficient use of meagre resources. There is a conducive environment for the implementation of Somali Community Health Strategy (CHS). The Somali Health Policy, 2014 and the three Health Sector Strategic Plans (2013-16) refer to the need to improve community based interventions particularly for health, nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), but nothing is stipulated. Stakeholders from all sections of society agree that a Somali community health strategy is important so as to reach women and children particularly in underserved areas and implement health care services with involvement of people and communities.
‘Somali Community Health Strategy’
Health Services at the doorstep of Somali Communities
Produced by:
Ministry of Health, Federal Government of Somalia
Ministry of Health, Puntland; and
Ministry of Health, Somaliland
Approved by:
Somali Health Advisory Board (HAB)
Consultancy support :
Mannion Daniels
Supported by:
World Health Organization,
Somalia United Nations Children Fund,
Somalia United Nations Children fund, Somalia
Funded by:
Joint Health and Nutrition Programme (JHNP) / Donors

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The platform Somali Medical Archives has been developed as a tool to promote cooperation between Somali health professional in their mother country and abroad, engaging the diaspora for the improvement of Somali Health Services.

SOMAR Somali Medical Archives is an idea by Edna Moallin Abdirahman

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