Proceedings of the Third International Congress of Somali Studies

This pubblication gather the research contributions presented in occasion of the III International congress of Somali Studies held in Rome in 1986 – at the University La Sapienza.

Several disciplinary fields are covered: linguistics, literature and folklore, medicine and traditional medicine, history, annthropology and archeology, social sciences, aspects of development and economy, natural and applied sciences.

As far as concern the Medicine and Traditional Medicine field, the contributions were:

-Substance abuse in Somalia, A.S. Elmi (pag. 181)

-Aftermath of Khat Prohibition in Somalia, A.M. Ahmed (pag. 186)

-Programmes of Primary Health Care in Somalia, Tarsitani, Aden, Muzzi (pag. 189)

-Bisogni e risorse sanitarie di alcune comunità rurali in Somalia, A.S. Aden, A. Cappelli (pag. 194)

-Prevalence of Communicable and Non-communicable disease in a village of Jilib District, in the Framework of a Primary Health Care Programme, T. D’Arca (pag. 201)

-Impact of Urbanization on Health, Tresalti (pag. 208)

-The Historical Development of Health system of the Third World countries, A. Mohamud (pag. 212)

-A programme of information in Italian Schools, concerning health and the implementation of primary health care in somalia, P.Dieci (pag. pag. 219)

-Validità e limiti di un approccio psicoanalitico in psichiatria transculturale, A.Jaria, g. Berdini, D. De Berardinis (pag. 224)

-Improving the perspectives of safe and effective use of herbs in health care, A.S. Elmi(pag. 236)

-Somali Traditional Healers: Role and Status, A.M. Ahmed (pag. 240)

Material kindly provided by the Roma 3 University's Somali Archive

Third international congress of somali studies

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