Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice towards COVID-19 among the Faculty of Health Sciences Students at Mogadishu University, Somalia

Author: Walid Abdulkadir Osman Al Sha’bani

Mogadishu University Journal, 2020


Until June 23, 2020, 2,416 cases are registered and 85 deaths, in Somalia, with the majority of these deaths falling between the ages of 60 to 70. The country's authorities have applied necessary measures to prevent massive spread. This study aims to assess Knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) towards COVID-19 among Faculty of Health Sciences Students at Mogadishu University. A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out in April 11, 2020, two weeks immediately after the closure of Schools & Universities in Mogadishu, Somalia to June 28, 2020. The survey was online using a KoBo Toolbox form distributed through "WhatsApp" groups. Health Sciences Students at Mogadishu University, who were explained the objectives and purpose of the study, who agreed to participate in the study, were asked to complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link. A total of 258 participants completed the survey questionnaire. 60.5% of them were 21–23 years old, 70.5% were females; and 31.8% were in academic year four. Most of the respondents reported that COVID-19 is a virus infection (93.8%), COVID-19 is transmitted by close contact with the infected person (80.2%), and the main clinical symptoms of COVID19 are fever, fatigue, dry cough, and myalgia (84.1%). The majority of the respondents agreed that if getting COVID-19, they will accept isolation in health facilities (61.2%), wearing a well-fitting face mask is effective in preventing COVID-19 (83.7%), and COVID-19 will finally be successfully controlled (61.6%). The vast majority of the participants have worn a mask when in contact with people or leaving home (55.8%), frequently washed hands with soap or sanitizer (72.5%), had not visited any crowded place (40.3%), and sneezed between elbows (54.7%). The knowledge about COVID-19 in the Faculty of Health Sciences Students of Mogadishu University during the outbreak was acceptable, attitudes have been mostly favorable and the practices are mostly adequate, however, it is necessary to implement massive education campaigns, to increase the proportion of knowledge about COVID-19, to stop its spread.

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