Knowledge and Attitude Towards Hepatitis B virus Infection Among Nurses in Benadir Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia

Authors: Yahye Sheikh Abdulle Hassan, Naima Ali Mohamed, Amina Mohamed Ali, Farhia Abdi Nor, Mariam Omar Ibrahim

Published 17 June 2021, African Journal of Health and Medical Sciences


Hepatitis B (HBV) causes potentially fatal liver infection and associated significant morbidity and mortality. It is a public health problem

that increases the risk of liver and bile duct carcinoma. This study aimed to assess knowledge and attitude regarding HBV infection among

nurses working in Benadir hospital Mogadishu, Somalia


Descriptive hospital-based cross-sectional study design was conducted on nurses working at Benadir Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia. A representative sample of 92 nurses working in Benadir hospital was recruited for this study during 2020, and a structured questionnaire was used to obtain and collect in-depth information on the nurse's knowledge and attitude towards HBV infection.


f the 92 total respondents, the majority, 66 (72%), were females, and 47 (51%) were young and between the age of 21-30 years.

Regarding the educational level, about 51 (55.4%) had a bachelor's degree. The study found that most nurses, 76 (82%), had good knowledge about HBV infection and a positive attitude 78 (85%) towards this infection.


The study concluded that most of the nurses working at Benadir hospital had average knowledge of hepatitis Virus infection, mode of transmission, and a positive attitude. The study recommends a further in-depth study on how healthcare provider's knowledge, atttitute, and practice impact tackling the spread of this highly prevalent virus infection in Somalia.

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